03 November 2008

chenta at

1. When first time you meet him/her?
kat sek,ms 2 kmi jd musuh...dia y suke kacau sy tp tyme 2 kmi xde feeling2 pon yer..
Free Yahoo Smileys only fwen n we 1 class

2. What do you feel?
xfeel pon..feel nympah der la.lgpn sy jd posmen antr dia ngan a*a..n i have b0yfwen tyme 2..
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3.What do you feel rigt now?
sweet sour Free Basic Smileys

4. If your enemy do anything that you hate, what you will do first?
wat xtau je
Free Basic Smileysn sy akn jauhkn diri dr dia..wat sakit at je lyn org cam2

5. Give 5 characters that have at you
macam2 der dlm diri sy ni Free Basic Smileys

6. If he/her have broke your heart, what your action?
eat..eat...eat...watching tb....
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7. What character you like toward him/her?

8. Who is the name of no.1?
Zainal Abidin [my ayah]

9. If your lover become your enemies, is it you will hate him/her?
sy xkan benci ssiapa pon wlaupn org 2 wat sy mnitiskn airmata...
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10. The most memorable thing he/her had done to you?
Biar Rahsia
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11. The most thing that he/her have said to you?
lap u...
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12. To the person that always support to you?
Free Basic Smileys u all n tens so much... Free Basic Smileys

15. 5 people to tag...

nanie Free Basic Smileys
ungu vi0let
atiqah adnan
tens KARINA,tagged me Free Basic Smileys

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7 lovely heart:

.t e n t a n g.n a n i e . said...

ala berry nani pon da dpt tag neh from karina.hehe.
nani pon br jer cdg2 nx tag berry blik.tgk2 berry da tag nani dl.hehe

berry said...

heee :>
pat2 cik nanie wat tag ni...xsabar mau bc..:>

.t e n t a n g.n a n i e . said...

hehe berry xde yg menarik pon..oOo..mr.yob tu musuh ea..sm cm kte.kwn gado..hehe

berry said...

musuh n beshfwen nanie...xsgke leh kmi leh in love plak..heee:>
jod0h dtgn-Nya kan?

.t e n t a n g.n a n i e . said...

semoga jodoh berry & mr.yob kekal sampai ble2..amiinn..hehe cpt2 toa buat knduri ns minyak toa!

atiQah adNan said...

thanks berry..! first person yang tag saya... heheh

berry said...

welcome..n tens atiqah coz sudi mlyn tag sy :>